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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

In this irreverent comedy, Matte World Digital helped create humorous references to the classic films Planet of the Apes and The Fugitive.

In one of Jay's fantasy sequences, he imagines himself standing on a beach...

The camera pulls back in a re-enactment of the end shot from Planet of the Apes. "Damn youse!"

The fantasy also includes a vision of Jay and Bob's convenience-store hangout overrun by "super-monkeys." A large number of takes, a few animals at a time, were filmed on a backlot set.

The numerous apes and monkeys (including Jay and Bob lookalikes, near the door) are composited together and placed in MWD's painting, establishing an ape city.

Tango the orangutan is photographed on a comfortable L.A. stage. Her trainer coaxes her to glance down.

MWD extracted the orangutan and created a perch for her on the precipice of a concrete dam. Animated waterfalls and a flowing river help establish the perspecive and dizzying height.

Several angles of the dam were created using elements shot indoors.

This shot starts as a close-up of Jay and Bob, pulling back to reveal they are standing in a drainage tunnel...

...and pulls back again, dramatically, to show the whole dam environment. Animated waterfalls and spray fit into the digital matte painting.

Film Credits

Film Credits