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Matte World Digital created an establishing shot that shows the view outside the Dalai Lama's balcony overlooking the Tibetan countryside of the 1950's. Even if we were allowed to film in Tibet, which was not a possibility, Lhasa of today has many factories and modern buildings built up at the base of the Potala and extending out into the valley.

Kundun - balcony set with Dalai Lama

The live-action balcony set and Dalai Lama were photographed seperately.

Kundun - 3D matte painting of Sho village and mountains

MWD created a 3D matte painting to establish the village of Sho, the valley and distant mountains. A computer-generated Chinese army was added to the distance with a billowing dust cloud trailing behind them.

Kundun - final shot with painting and Dalai Lama

From his balcony of the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama observes the approaching Chinese army invading Lhasa.

Film Credits

Film Credits