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Mighty Joe Young

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Matte World Digital designed, rendered and composited digital matte-painting shots and 3D environments that established Joe's arrival at a fictitious Los Angeles-based nature conservancey. We also enhanced his night escape and chase sequences.

VistaVision live-action plate photography at Calabasas Horse Ranch. Camera pans with Joe arriving in truck that is about to arrive in frame.

Mishiki the rhino was photographed against green screen at the San Francisco Zoo.

Digital matte painting of the Conservancy with green screen rhino and flags added into the background. Camera starts to pan.

Camera ends pan, revealing digital matte painting of "zoo type exhibits" with CG animals added into the background. The speeding truck also leaves a CG dust element.

Joe shot on Blue Screen.

Joe composited over animated bamboo texture maps for background movement.

VistaVision live-action plate photographed at the Calabasas Horse Ranch. Note, center lights have been flagged to camera that they will be the light source for illuminating the guests as guests enter the tent.

Digital matte painting and CG tent and water composited with live action.

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Film Credits

Film Credits