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Return to Paradise

Return to Paradise is the film version of the true story about a young man traveling in Malaysia who is arrested, imprisoned and sentenced to death. Matte World Digital was hired to create establishing shots showing the dilapidated prison. The film was shot on location in Philadelphia and Bangkok. MWD's job was to photograph the Eastern Penitentiary Museum located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and combine it with footage photographed in Bangkok.

On location in Bangkok a river scene is photographed to perfectly match the angle and time of day needed for the shot.

A digital matte painting is created to establish rusty roofed shacks and a muddy river bank that will tie the two locations together.

Prison location photographed in Philadelphia. Additional stains have been added to make the prison look even less sanitary.

The final shot combines all the elements to create a new environment that now establishes the prison in Malaysia.

MWD also created a dawn version using the same techniques as above.

Film Credits

Film Credits